Improved Mahindra XUV500 on the way?

Posted on: Jan 9, 2013 - 10:19am IST

Mahindra XUV500 for Australia dashboardThe Mahindra XUV500 took the market by storm and quickly became the Indian auto maker’s crown jewel.

The car represented a significant technical leap since it is the first monocoque and front wheel drive vehicle from Mahindra. The SUV started off with a long queue of orders which prompted a ramp up in production.

However, the initial customers started complaining about niggling issues that plagued their ownership experience. reports that Mahindra is working on improving the XUV500 based on the customer feedback and complaints.

The tweaked XUV500 reportedly features a new braking package which is believed to significantly improve the braking performance which was noisy and spongy as reported by some of the owners. It is unclear as to what sort of improvements are being made to braking system which now uses discs all around with ABS standard on all variants.

The next major improvement is expected on the infotainment system in the high-end variant which also had a few reported grouses and malfunctions, especially in GPS, parking sensor and optional camera functions. The upgraded car will get a reliable and updated version of the infotainment system and voice command system, introduced on the Xylo facelift last year. also reports that there are few minor improvements made on the car but no specific information is available in this regard as of now. No changes to the interior and exterior design is expected in the improved model.

The upgraded XUV500 is expected to be launched silently by the end of February and the customers who have already booked the car with a post February delivery slot will be automatically entitled to the upgraded car.


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6 thoughts on “Improved Mahindra XUV500 on the way?

  1. Prem says:

    wrong news. only brake upgrades and nothing else

  2. Harem #2 says:

    M&M with poor quality and designs with rapid expand will not retain talent engineer and designer professionals…

  3. Bottom line: Do not buy new Mahindra products during its first 2 years, however attractive pricing, looks and feature might be. You don’t want to spend 15 lakhs just to test the product and give improvement feedbacks to the company, while having live with a defective product for rest of yor life. Wait for its feedback to come out. Buy after first facelift.

    People will appreciate if Mahindra gives updated package to existing customers also

  4. Moto_freek says:

    then what about the existing customers?


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