Spied – A pack of Ford EcoSport test mules snoozes in Chennai

Posted on: Jan 3, 2013 - 4:57pm IST

Team-BHP member Nareshkumaran A has clicked an image of a pack of Ford EcoSports from a parking lot in Chennai.

Ford EcoSport convoy on test in ChennaiFord EcoSport convoy testing in Chennai

The convoy constituted of four test mules in ‘Savannah Orange’, ‘Bright Yellow’ and ‘Sea Gray’ body colors.

Two other models spotted by our reader Daniel George from Trivandrum were painted in ‘Kinetic Blue’ and ‘Chill Metallic’ and had the 1L petrol engine under the bonnet.

Besides these options, the EcoSport is presented in black and light silver body colors in Brazil. The communication color chosen in China and Brazil is the ‘Savannah Orange’ paintwork. This was the color of the Auto Expo concept as well. As India has plenty of sunshine, car makers exploit it by launching bright body colors.

The EcoSport will share paint options with the Figo and Classic. Coming to the features, most of these test mules are in the top-end ‘Titanium’ trim with features such as push-button start and steering-mounted audio controls.

Ford may want to paste QR codes on these test mules directing viewers to the Ford India website where all the features and specifications are listed. There’s not a motorist on the road that won’t take interest when these vehicles pass by as there’s nothing like this on the market.

Ford India, there’s lots of roofed parking spaces in our office building, you can secure your mules here on just one condition – if you promise to leave the keys behind!

[Source – Team-BHP.com]

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17 thoughts on “Spied – A pack of Ford EcoSport test mules snoozes in Chennai

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  2. sri says:

    So the Basic trim doesn’t have roof rails,Alloy wheels, Fog lamp, Crome fitments in the front grill,Rear wiper, ABS, Airbag,defogger,steering mounted audio control, no Music systems, non-coloured door handles and out of these Its easy to figure out from the image and remaining are so obvious what basic models come with so expect this car is launched at 6.6-6.8 ex-showroom till 11 lac for the high end diesel version πŸ™‚ and yes mostly people would have judged and would have heard he same from some of the ford dealers !!

    1. sri says:

      To add few more manual turn ORVM adjustment and black(non coloured) side view mirrors but expect ford gives power window in all 4 doors as in classic and wheel hub covers as a standard fitment but I coundnt Figure out the ORVM if its standard on the side mirror or its again kept on its fender for the base version πŸ™‚

  3. thirumal says:

    this seems to be a truck lay by highway from chennai to trichy …

  4. Harsha K says:

    Great Ending..lovely πŸ™‚

  5. doctor says:

    I guess some purpose in such tactics.
    Car is not launched, but it is roaming everywhere day/night without a bit of hesitation/comouflage.
    I think Ford is just utiling our curosity as its marketing tool and see its so called ‘upcoming product’ is occupying one or two columns in all leading websites without paying single penny with enthus drooling all over.
    It is like courtship period when boy and girl die to have a glimpse of each other. but after marriage, when honeymoon period is over, same person get different type of attention from the spouse(or after 2-3 months of launch, customer sees product differently).

    1. thirumal says:

      of course yes …. nowadays companies are using our curiosity as a marketing tool

  6. Rahul says:

    “Ford India, there’s lots of roofed parking spaces in our office building, you can secure your mules here on just one condition – if you promise to leave the keys behind!”

    —- Nice one!! πŸ˜€

    1. Rahul, I thought you would ask for the ‘classified’ document in the glove compartment that gives away the launch date and the prices if you were to rent out your parking space πŸ˜‰

      1. A.J says:

        Dude, even i had the same thoughts when i read “only on 1 condition” πŸ˜‰

        Tht info. has bcome quite priceless as for now… Ford needs to go ahead with the launch by Feb end or ppl (including me) who are waiting & delaying their new car from a yr or so, are going to move on to some other available option… High time FORD!
        If one of my sources is 2 b beleived (& i really hope the man is wrong) a prson wrking in a factory making one of the parts fr Eco sport, had said to me 2mnths ago tht Ford isnt going to launch this baby bfre mid or end of 2013!!

    2. Kala says:

      Do park the black one on the roof or somone might bang
      it at nite especially in power cut.
      If the black model has beige/pink interiors then ok.


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