B2B – After small car and mini SUV, what will be the next big segment in India?

Posted on: Jan 7, 2013 - 8:35pm IST

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Five years ago, a small car was treated as an essential for foraying into India. Manufacturers who were already operating in India were studying a global product or pursuing a program with Indian conditions as the focal point. The Ford Figo, Toyota Etios, Honda Brio, Hyundai Eon and the Chevrolet Spark are some of the million cars that were born out of these studies.

Today, it is the era of crossovers, every manufacturer is working on a compact SUV basing it on an existing product.

So what’s the next car in line that would be an essential to survive in second half of the decade? Could it be the station wagon in a new avatar that is a cocktail of a car’s handling with the ‘weekend’ or ‘adventure’ content of an SUV? Will the tables turn and deem the ‘low cost’ car the rockstar of the Indian auto industry yet again?

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14 thoughts on “B2B – After small car and mini SUV, what will be the next big segment in India?

  1. Parijat says:

    I think the next best thing in the Indian automotive market would be engine downsizing while maintaining and / or augmenting mileage and power ratings respectively. And comeback of Petrol engines.

  2. Rahul says:

    We may see cars powered by an alternative fuels like hybrids or flex fuel cars.

  3. doctor says:

    IMO the next phase belongs to 800 cc common rail super frugal diesel commuter hatchbacks.

  4. sandy says:

    Well mini SUV could be the extreme thing the manufacturer has managed to squeeze in, but I don’t think the hatchback era is gone; it will remain evergreen. But we can’t overrule new category or the categories which are still dormant.
    One of them is the Honda Jazz and Ford B-Max, which needs people’s acceptance; and once its done then we can expect MS beefing-up it’s Ritz on new Swift platform making it more practical.
    Another segment changer could be our very own underestimated Nano. This could open up a new definition of personal transport and why not; as diesel prices won’t be remaining the same. For this, TATA just need to change the perception of people on Nano by making it look more matured product like their Pixel/MegaPixel concept. M&M could be betting big on E2O platform with engine developed from their 2 wheeler plant. Bajaj is also pushing its power towards quadricycle segment.

  5. Jishnu S V says:

    A hybrid car that is both cheap and practical. Since we all love SUVs, what about an SUV like say the ecosport with an ecoboost petrol or commonrail diesel engine 1000cc max with an additional electric motor and lion batteries.
    Or even the fcx hydrogen car, which is the only future feasible option in my opinion.

  6. yeshwanth says:

    Hii Sravan , I dont think there will be the next big segment in india for quite a few years . Next few years mostly will be ruled by mini suvs as many are due for launch . I feel luxuary hatch backs from benz audi and bemers could be the next big segment but this is gonna take a lot of time as these companies should come up with a very good price tag with heavy localisation

  7. Winfred says:

    We dont have space on the road/to park, but we carry space with us. I think not only India, many countries need a daily office commute vehicle….
    2 seater (two wheeler like seating) which can give say 40-50kms a litre with a weather cover / AC etc. (probably at 2L or below cost)

    Today most of us carry unnecessary vacant space while travelling short distances intra city. To office or the shop near by etc.

    Hope someone develops a practical vehicle for this need in India, than the prototypes of the west where its mostly a adventure or fansy towards eco friendliness.

    1. yeshwanth says:

      Good thought . But in india size matters clear example nano and maruthi alto which one sales better u know right . As of my observation these cars below 5 lakhs are mostly bought and kept by the people only for show purpose they dont realy use much and when they use it once in a while they go on with full family . In india we are not getting a good 250 cc bike under 2 lakhs and adding ac will to these low mileage bikes is still gonna worsen things

      1. Winfred says:

        I agree with your points….its only a dream (less practical I know) I’m dreaming of a Renault Twizy like vehicle….instead of fancy hybrids/ electic engine….say a 250CC engine.

        I go with the thought that Nano didnt sell becuase people dont want to be associated with the cheepest thing…..

        With Twizy like vehicle. Target should be to make a practical yet aspirational one. Also something which can stop us moving singapore way in future.

    2. Abhishek Panchal says:

      U are right this is the need but the mentality of Indian people is different. people who buy car mostly use for family and those who take it to office they mostly don’t take for convinence but for to maintain position in office. if u look at current scenario nano is better suited for going to office as it has more space, millage than alto at the same time cheaper than alto still has much less sales as compare to alto

  8. faisal says:

    Real premium hatchbacks like Golf ;p


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