Maruti Wagon R facelift vs Old Wagon R – Fresh details and images

Posted on: Jan 12, 2013 - 10:04pm IST

Reader Mr. Ashok Kumar mailed us the first studio shots of the 2013 Maruti Wagon R facelift this evening and these images manage to fully reveal the changes on the facelift.

Maruti Wagon R front three quartersMaruti Wagon R facelift front view

[Left – Outgoing model; Right – Facelifted model retains headlights and foglights but uses a shorter, single-slat front grille, trapezoidal air dam and slanted diamond shaped foglight enclosures]

Maruti Wagon R facelift dashboardMaruti Wagon R dashboard

[Left – Wagon R facelift’s interior has beige inserts on the dashboard, seats and door trims. The wedge for the CD ROM is V-Shaped and the surrounding buttons are placed outside the butterfly wings that existed on the pre-facelift. There’s a secondary glove compartment above the primary one]

Another reader Mr. Bhushan. P had sent us an email listing the changes that he observed on the new model at a dealership he’d just been to. Mr. Bhushan says bookings for the new model have begun already.

Maruti Wagon R cabinMaruti Wagon R facelift interior

[Right – The seats feature a dual tone of brown and beige. The cabin immediately looks brighter and would appear more spacious than it is due to the optical effect of using a lighter shade]

Changes on the 2013 Maruti Wagon R facelift

  • New front grill change which we knew all along and perhaps makes the older version look a little better
  • Dual tone interior (beige + brown). Earlier there were dark gray and black interiors. The gray has been replaced with beige.
  • An additional glove compartment
  • Powered by the same 1L K Series engine that puts out 68PS of power and 90 Nm of torque, and comes in LX, LXI and VXI trims.
  • Seats are in beige fabric
  • Beige door trim fabric replaces a black layout
  • Stereo system (VXI) has bigger switches
  • The three fuel options would continue – Petrol, LPG and CNG – No diesel option in sight.

[Source – Old studio shots sourced from]

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5 thoughts on “Maruti Wagon R facelift vs Old Wagon R – Fresh details and images

  1. Dr. K. A. Rasheed says:

    What differnece is there between the engines of old version and new version, with respect to BHP and Torque ??

    1. Hi Dr. Rasheed, there are no differences in that aspect.

  2. Alok says:

    NOT fair. I own current wagon R for only 2 yrs and now new changes. It will make my blue boy look old. 🙁

    O/w new biege color outside is really cool. Bumper is also fresh looking. Also interior biege dashboard is much better than current black. What I always wanted a clove box in front is now provided. Not fair actually. But one cant have all the fun. My blue boy will be mine for some more time. New owners just enjoy what we missed. 🙂

  3. sandy says:

    I like the current Wagon-R. Exterior of face lifted one, looks “More Box per Box”.


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