B2B – Do extra fittings on a hatchback make it eye-catchy?

Posted on: Dec 28, 2012 - 6:46pm IST

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Hyundai HB20X front fasciaVolkswagen CrossPolo Urban White Special Edition

Moving on to the topic, do you feel that there is a visual benefit in adding faux off-road kit to a hatchback, or mounting the spare wheel on the tailgate? Are they visual enhancements in your perspective?

We have a silent faux-crossover in the Skoda Fabia Scout today in India, and not many have been spotted on the roads. We believe Toyota will introduce a similar version in Brazil on the Etios so there are chances of an Indian entry. The CrossPolo is an option VW India may explore in the future, its a raised Polo with body claddings.

Do these extra body fittings help in energizing a car’s looks? Will these changes make you change your mind about buying what otherwise is a not eye-catching design?

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5 thoughts on “B2B – Do extra fittings on a hatchback make it eye-catchy?

  1. Many people spend good amount on money on the “make-up” of their hatch. Some look silly, out-of-place or even outrageous but it helps to stand distinct from the crowd, whis is why they were decorated in the first place. Not all such extra fitments are eye-candy, some offer some practicality. It all depends on the owner’s tastes and requirements.

  2. vivek james says:

    Our Indian market is not yet ready for such experiments. These type of cars show the uniqueness of the owner and his personality. such people are very few in our mass market. even if there are such customers whether they are ready to spent the premium or not is questionable. Fiat launched Siena adventure a decade ago but due to poor response it died out soon. India is still a mass market it may take a decade for such unique, individual personality cars to take the market by storm!!!!

  3. faisal says:

    Yes, they do make it look different but not worth the cost which OEMs charge.

    1. Rahul says:

      Valid point!

  4. sandy says:

    Not unless it have some application. Skoda Fabia Scout just have some cladding, but CrossPolo as you said is raised Polo with higher ground clearence and body claddings, does have some advantage in rough roads where belly usually gets hammered to the road.
    Year ago, I have seen a Ritz when I went to authorized service center for servicing my car. The Ritz was covered with mud, but after closer look I found it very different then the normal one; more meaty wider radial tires with increasd ground clearence to nearly 200mm, wheel track was also altered towards wider track to check body roll and the spare wheel was attached to a frame covering the hatch door; don’t no how. As said by the service guy, it prevents the vertical tail lamp and hatchdoor from getting direct hit during unusual circumstance, plus absence of spare wheel under the boot floor means more luggage space. The lower half of the bulky front bumper was cut out nicely and an off-road designed bull bar with slide plates was attached to it. There were other fitments like body claddins, more steel pipes and more lights which made the Ritz robust and ready for some off road action. These kind of fitments means more weight, but no problem since it was diesel. The Owner must be hailing from no road rural area, but budget conscious yet practical else he would have gone for Thar. So such kind of fitments is of practical usage for such owners.


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