Bumper To Bumper – What should Toyota do with the Etios facelift?

Posted on: Dec 10, 2012 - 5:21pm IST

Toyota Kirloskar Motors has announced that they are not going to bring any new products for the next three years.

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Instead, the car maker is going to divert all its attention on the Toyota Etios twins whose sales have been slipping and sliding in the recent months. The facelifted versions are expected to be here by mid-2013. So what do we expect from Toyota on the Etios facelift?

For starters, the dashboard should be totally revamped and the plastic quality should be vastly improved. The front seats too should get some quality improvement along with adjustable head rests. The uninspiring interior design puts many potential buyers off.

The exterior design too has ample of room for improvement. We would like to see trimmings from the Dear Qin concepts that debuted at the Beijing Motor Show to filter into the Etios twins’ facelift.

In long term perspective, Toyota should consider advancing the next generation models of the Etios twins because the current models will age quickly and will be left helpless in the presence of much more modern and attractive rivals.

We would love to know your thoughts and opinions on what should change in the Etios. The comment box is all yours!

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15 thoughts on “Bumper To Bumper – What should Toyota do with the Etios facelift?

  1. Toyota please give good cars.You have given us some amazing products like Innova,Qualis,Corolla etc.Not all customers look for brand value and you can see that the numbers are decreasing.Pls act fast and hope the facelifted model brings some thing new to the segment.

  2. Sagar Sawant says:

    XXXXtest car from Toyota, fooling indian customers with the Toyota brand name and sub standard engineering … even Jugaad is better … worst ride quality ever in the segment … the eCS is much better …

    Toyota, donate your Innova platform totally to Kirloskar shut shop and say good bye …

    1. Vipin says:

      Well said Sagar.

      Let it may come to pass what u said.

  3. Vipin says:

    This first thing about Etios is its cheap quality in interior and in exterior.

    TOYOTA thought that Indian customers are mad about their products, that even they can sell bullock carts with a TOYOTA badge in it and still Indian people will buy it. I think now Toyota had realized that Indian Customers are not same after their twin products started to fall down.

    Tell them to launch with a car with this same quality in US & in European countries. Lets see what will happen.

    I had crossed 29,000 kms in Etios and now the car started to make more noise inside the cabin when I hit 100 or 100+. While driving in NH it feels very light at speeds like these. As if the car would fly like space shuttle.

    Its has some comfort to drive. But the one thing I hated very much about this car is its Centre metre design by Toyota. Even in Vista its better. But this looks like …it. The plastic quality is worst.



  4. Ramesh says:

    i was totally disappointed when i switched on the Ac and the whole Torque went to a toss during test drive and the sales guy cool answer it happens with every car-i said don’t offer an challange gave him the example of vista-Brio.

  5. sri says:

    first reduce the price of etios after then lets think about the facelift , except engine from toyota nothing else is there i have used Etios which i feel very much flimsy with its shell and interiors are (no comments !!) guys better go with Dezire/verito or a Ford Classic instead buying this piece for 9 lac for the top end vx-d trim . so called Q revolution a car with single wiper so called it does its job but just by adding one more extra wiper what is the gain which company is going to gain ?? and a DVD player without a Screen ?? is that we want really yes agree that it has ample of space inside but just for space if need a car then y toyota ? we have awesome manza at the same price with more features and VFM !! dont think always people will buy just looking at the Logo !!

    1. Ganesh says:

      I wont buy Etios just by looking at the ‘T’ (Toyota) badge logo. For the same reason I wont buy a Manza just because of the ‘T’ (Taxi) badge logo.

  6. sandy says:

    Dear Qin concept looks inline with Prius. So I would like them to make Etios designed like Prius to match with the likes of Honda City and Hyundai Verna. Definitely good quality plastic and finish is required along with lower NVH. Same with the Liva, but since its a hatchback, it should carry some finishing touches like Innova.

  7. Ravi Hemdev says:

    TKM seriously need to resdeisgn the front and rear ends of Etios , considering that it is a wide car they can have a sleeker slim headlamps like the new altis or the recent facelifted fluence, fog lamps like yaris or Verna can give more visual appeal, the vertical tail lamp juz don’t go with the width of the rear instead they should be horizontal and the number plate should be repositioned on the boot lid. The interiors should be in two tone beige with the speedometer on the conventional behind the sterring wheel dash layout should have a centre console flow with slated AC vents. Toyota needs to carry these Changes since the competition has already heaten with notchbacks sedans like Dzire n upcoming Honda Amaze

  8. Raghuvansh.R says:

    Does this mean Lexus won’t come to India until 2015?


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