Do you know any recent launches from Maruti Suzuki that have failed to get the masses of India embracing it?

Maruti Alto 800 front and rear fasciaMaruti Alto 800 rear three quarter and front three quarter

Okay, the SX4 diesel and the A-Star are perhaps cars that have not helped the Indian operation’s image and profitability greatly, but their failure is compensated by the extra-large quantity of success enjoyed by the Swift, Dzire and the Ertiga.

These products have built up scale, set higher standards and have proved as a reference manual to other car companies, who are following their footsteps designing the same type of products to stimulate their business.

Maruti’s new blue-eyed boy, the Alto 800, is starting to sink in with first time car buyers. Over 44,000 bookings have been registered since its launch on the 16th of October, and half that volume is already delivered. Over 200 cars were delivered by a dealer in Kerala a few weeks ago on a single day and Maruti reported that smaller towns and cities where lower sales saturation is observed accounted for most of the numbers. The Alto 800 customers in metro cities were purchasing their second or third car.

The Alto 800 is a new body stationed over the old Alto platform. With improvements in space, fuel economy, interior fit, finish and quality and ride, the improvements have started showing results. Surely the product must evolve with more variants. The 1-liter K Series engine and a perhaps a compact diesel engine are our suggestions to Maruti Suzuki if they are planning to make the Alto brand even bigger in the coming months and years.

Maruti continues to sell the old Alto and Alto K10 alongside the new superstar.

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  • Deepak

    I did not really fancy the whole look of the Alto 800. I feel that they have added unnecessary curves and cuts to the car, especially to the headlights & tail-lights. Also the finishing isn’t really convincing.

  • aadesh

    The Alto 800 is highly unreliable. I took my friend’s car for a ride. I tried speeding it up a bit. The car started wobbling and was a very rough ride. This car will surely give lots of problems in the near future. Take my advice, always keep your service manual with you if you’re driving this car. No wonder Maruti has it’s service centers spread around the country.

  • Mahesh

    I dont think the old 800cc alto is still available.

  • http://www.indianautosblog.com Dhananjayan

    Design of the Figo copy paste job!!

  • http://jang@123 Jangjit Singh Rana

    I want to purchase Alto 800

  • Siddharth

    I own a 2004 Alto LX, this one looks great by the looks of it atleast, will surely go for a test ride.

  • Ram

    Out of the world numbers ! I do admire their brand pull :)

    You can possibly add Kizashi and the Grand Vitara to the list of Maruti failures.

    I do not personally believe that the overall sales numbers are any reflection of the quality of Maruti vehicles. While you see a manufacturer like Tata improving their components and overall quality in a big way, I see Maruti’s vehicle quality taking a big beating over the years. I hear that there’s a massive campaign going on to cut costs at Maruti’s, which is pretty obvious in all of their recent launches. But going by the sales numbers, the common man seems to be ignorant as always :)

    • Mohammed

      I see what you’re saying. But while the quality is on a downward trend, the sales numbers are on a upward trend..isn’t that a specially skillful job too ???

  • http://www.omcaraccessories.com Gaurav Gupta

    Alto 800 is a gud car, but there is no proper place for front speakers so music in these cars can not be so gud.

    • krishna

      I think there is a provision for front speakes in the front door. Will have to check with dealers.