Report – Next generation Mitsubishi Lancer to be smaller than its predecessor

Posted on: Oct 22, 2012 - 2:28pm IST

The iconic Lancer brand was once revered by Indian petrolheads for its on-street credentials. But the Lancer brand is almost dead in India like the many Lancers on the road.

Mitsubishi Lancer Cedia

Mitsubishi India tried to revive the Lancer brand in the domestic market under the Cedia moniker. As you may already know, that too did not yield life-changing results.

There are two Lancers sold in India – a fifth generation Lancer and the second one is a sixth generation Lancer Cedia. Both these Lancers are long gone in most major markets and are replaced by a seventh generation Lancer which looks like a watered down Lancer Evolution.

But there is a small hope in my heart that Mitsubishi India will soon come to its sense and revive the Lancer brand for the Indian petrolheads in the future, with the help of diesel technology and a renewed customer touch-point strategy. And there’s a new one coming soon which can be assigned the role of a turnaround specialist.

TheMotorReport tells us that the eight generation 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer will be much smaller than the current generation model. This is a very different approach because most of its rivals are getting longer and wider. Mitsubishi wants to focus on a concept called ‘Smart Packaging’ – Maximum interior space for the minimalist exterior dimensions. The all-new Lancer is scheduled for debut in 2014.

The 2015 Lancer would have a weight advantage over its rivals. This will definitely lead to better handling dynamics and fuel efficiency benefits.  Mitsubishi is exploring the possibility of smaller capacity, forced-induction petrol engines and a turbocharged diesel option for the new Lancer.

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6 thoughts on “Report – Next generation Mitsubishi Lancer to be smaller than its predecessor

  1. AJ says:

    Been waiting for the New Laner since 2009 (Evo X Style) dont know why Mitsubishi is Shy to launch the new Lancer in India.. if i dont see its launch any soon.. i will opt for Toyota Altis …

    Mitsubishi Should Consider the Lancer Launch Serious and sooner . .

    A Bone Deep Mitsubishi Fan

  2. Sudarshan_SMD says:

    Get the Lancer Evolution here.

  3. sriram says:

    just bring back the Cedia with Diesel option just that will do there are many Lancer lovers and I would really opt a Black Lancer with Diet Diesel 🙂

  4. sandy says:

    ‘Smart Packaging’ – Maximum interior space for the minimalist exterior dimensions, comes under my likeness. Dieting concept is the new trend within Automobile manufacturers, but Mitsubishi even made it smaller.

  5. Prashanth says:

    Wonder when are they going to launch the current generation of Lancers that has been in the global market from 2008?


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