Honda presents Modulo kit for Indonesian Brio customers

Posted on Aug 7 2012 - 9:30am by Shrawan Raja
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Honda recently introduced the Brio in Indonesia after it saw the Micra, Picanto and Ritz stealing away customers from the lower end of the market and turning them into loyalists for their parent brands. The Brio was shot into the Indonesian market with a slightly more powerful 1.3-liter iVTEC engine producing 100PS.

Honda Brio Modulo Kit IndonesiaHonda Brio Modulo Kit Indonesia rear profile

Honda Prospect Motor expects 6,000 Brios to find homes in Indonesia this year, leading to cumulative sales of 70,000 Honda cars in 2012.

Honda has 5% market share in Indonesia riding on the back of the success of its MPV models. Honda also announced a new manufacturing plant in West Java that will come online in 2014 to make a Brio-based MPV (believed to succeed the current Freed) among many other variants and new models.

To give customers the feel of buying a unique set of wheels, Honda is offering plenty of bolt-on accessories for the Brio. Modulo is Honda’s original accessories brand and has goodies for every type of Honda model. The Modulo kits could be a sensible addition in India where most Honda owners look to the unauthorized after-market circuit to unlock new life in their cars, a few years into their ownership.

The Modulo kit polishes the exteriors with a new Front Grill, Front Under Spoiler, Rear Under Spoiler and a Side Skirt. Honda also offers sticker stripes for consumers who want to spruce up the form even further.

Honda has not announced any package that adds performance.

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