Live Images – The Swift Dzire Tour is Maruti saying ‘Thank You’ to the Indian cabbie

Posted on: Mar 20, 2012 - 6:03pm IST

Maruti Suzuki launched the ‘entirely new’ Swift Dzire about a month back with a smaller boot to qualify for the excise cut, thereby being able to offer more for less. This move was appreciated by personal car buyers as they got a brand new platform, better quality plastics, better interiors, more mileage and more goodies at a lesser price.

Maruti Swift Dzire Tour front three quartersMaruti Swift Dzire Tour rear three quarters

But the old Dzire was a hot seller, a patience tester in some ways as it was a very popular model amongst the commercial market because of its ample luggage space, efficient engine and exciting price. The waiting period didn’t come down even after headlines of a successor using the new Swift platform appeared on leading newspapers and websites.

So instead of disappointing them, Maruti Suzuki re-launched the old Dzire calling it the Dzire Tour. These are the first live images of the car on the internet.

Maruti Swift Dzire Tour badgeMaruti Swift Dzire Tour tail light

On the 17th March Maruti Suzuki silently slipped in the Dzire Tour version, which is available to only commercial buyers. The Dzire Tour is available in only Lxi and Ldi variants and the differences from the old Dzire are the black colored bumpers (instead of body colored) and stickers replacing the chrome-plated lettering on the boot.

Maruti Swift Dzire Tour front fasciaMaruti Swift Dzire Tour front fender

The prices have been reduced to match the prices of current model and sit at Rs. 4,88,522 for the Lxi and Rs. 5,91,369 for the Ldi variant (ex-showroom Delhi).

Maruti Swift Dzire Tour Image Gallery

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8 thoughts on “Live Images – The Swift Dzire Tour is Maruti saying ‘Thank You’ to the Indian cabbie

  1. paul t t says:

    what is showroom price at trichur for dezire tour LDI urgent please

  2. Sridhar says:

    Can MS deny sale to a regular buyer…for personal use?

  3. S Pani says:

    This variant will probably be a contender to the Mahindra Verito in the big city call taxi market.

    I doubt it will pose a serious threat to the Indigo eCS, which is considerably cheaper.

    Also, I am not sure taxi operators will take kindly to the huge waiting periods that Maruti subjects its customers to.

    Though it will still sell in decent numbers thanks to the fact that there is no real competitor from the taxi segment’s darling Tata in this particular market after the production of the full size Indigo stopped.

  4. sandeep says:

    What a great move man!!, a new from 4.88 lakhs and with only one mirror!, and than say it has better quality plastics, better interiors and more goodies for a lesser price??


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