Spied – REVA NXR sporting Mahindra logo

Posted on: Dec 19, 2011 - 5:25pm IST

We’ve been hearing about REVA’s NXR (next generation REVA) in India since the time it premiered at the Frankfurt Motor Show back in late 2009. If you recollect, our Brazilian follower Gustavo Ruffo sent us snaps of the unveiling too. REVA initially hoped to launch the NXR in India last year but after Mahindra acquired control of the company, the launch for some reason has faced delays.

The two-door hatchback features Lithium Ion batteries that enable it to reach a decent top speed of 104kmph and give it an adequate range of 160km on a single charge.

Mahindra REVA NXR

In a press release sent out today, Mahindra stated the NXR will be exhibited alongside an electric Verito at next month’s Delhi Auto Expo. We believed the car in question was the same model showcased in Frankfurt. Turns out Mahindra has pasted its company logo on the NXR’s front grille.

Spied near Bangalore, the REVA NXR sports a fine pearl white color revealing new details. This could be a low-end variant as it lacks fog lamps and body colored wing mirrors. Notice the windshield wiper that is of opposed type and the blackened roof.

This version of the NXR is expected to be on view at the Auto Expo next month. We’re told that Mahindra is charting plans to launch the vehicle next year on the back of rising fuel prices. The REVAi is available through certain Mahindra outlets and the new addition could be retailed alongside the predecessor.

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4 thoughts on “Spied – REVA NXR sporting Mahindra logo

  1. Nat says:

    According to a tweet from @MahindraReva, the launch is pushed to 2013 (they wouldn’t commit to any dates), for “several” reasons. My hunch is the big reason is the subsidy is not yet operationalized. The prior subsidy on Reva expired. Without the subsidy, the new Reva is simply too expensive. I also sense that there might be a technical issue that needs to be fixed. Otherwise Reva would have been a lot more forthcoming on the launch. Bummer!

  2. Ram says:

    Look nice.

    More details please ..

  3. Hillol says:

    I saw this car 3 weeks back in Bengaluru testing in night. It was completely visible. I couldn’t take the pics(bollocks!).


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