In Images – Bugatti Veyron rides over a speed bump in Hyderabad

Posted on: Dec 20, 2011 - 10:08am IST

Admit it! You’ve secretly wished to witness the ultimate showdown featuring the low-riding Bugatti Veyron and an unruly, star-reaching speed bump.

Bugatti Veyron speed bumpBugatti Veyron speed bump India

So here we have it, thanks to Supercars, Exotics and Imports Hyderabad Facebook page – The Veyon that costs 16 crore rupees a pop may put up with irritants such as poor fuel quality, bumper-to-bumper, clutch-cooking traffic and the curious motorists driving too close for comfort for a money shot, but the Indian speed breaker edges them out to take the crown as its biggest threat – See how the driver has to position the car carefully to negotiate the speed hump!

Fast fact – A set of Veyon tires costs as much as Ford Fiesta Classic!

Head over to the Hyderabad Supercars page to catch the entire gallery.

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10 thoughts on “In Images – Bugatti Veyron rides over a speed bump in Hyderabad

  1. satwik says:

    wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a car wow!!!!!!!!!!!! wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. john says:

    These look totally fake..

  3. madhav says:

    bugatti policy is ‘no repair. only replacement.’
    try to think out of the box.
    when one can shell out ~16 crore for a car, he wil have a farm house with proper roads to enjoy this beauty … with his other beauties 😉

  4. AUTOCOND says:

    excellent article

  5. Sridhar says:

    That must have been quite an amusing sight for the onlookers. Our city roads are NOT suited for these cars. Why do they get them here? For showing off their wealth???

  6. Prem says:

    ” Fast fact – A set of Veyon tires cost as much as Ford Fiesta Classic! ”

    interesting bit of fact . thanks IAB .

    IMHO , anyone even with basic common sense would not buy such super cars in India – even if you are filthy rich . Does not make sense when you can’t enjoy driving it – with our horrible road/traffic conditions.

    1. Shreyas says:

      i completely agreee wit u :):)

    2. Sidd says:

      These are for just show off as must be this guy must be going to meet a new client or gf or for a party


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