While we are kept in the dark about the new Ford Fiesta‘ market introduction, we do know something about a deadly feature that the competition will praise with overtones of envy – Voice-activated controls.

Ford has published a series videos on its official channel demonstrating the usefulness of voice-activated controls. Not only is this feature significant from the comfort standpoint, but also in the purview of safety. So the voice-activated controls isn’t a lazy man’ feature. It’s also a safe man’ fancy.

One question we want to find an answer to is its compatibility to Indian vocal chords and accents. Will it work equally well in all Indian states?

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  • http://www.ttcars.net TT Cars

    It is quite a welcome feature. Not trying to be pessimistic, but I somehow feel that the voice recognition technology still has a long way to go. I personally have used this technology on the iPhone and I am not very satisfied with it.Maybe it’ll be a success considering that it will only be used for the climate control which will have limited voice commands, thus narrowing the chances of erroneous inputs unlike the iPhone wherein almost all the functions can be accessed and operated using voice commands.

  • Rajendra Joshi

    I think company’s product compete with themselves, specially if the product is nearly have same price band.

  • mayur jadeja

    new verna is a serious threat to new upcoming fiesta. Now ford have to introduce the new fiesta as soon as possible otherwise verna will start capturing the market