2012 Fiat Palio almost revealed

Posted on: Feb 21, 2011 - 11:53am IST

Fiat Palio (a.k.a Project 326) is being developed in full swing in Brazil. Now we have (what could be) the closest renderings so far of the new Palio.

2011 Fiat Palio

The new Palio will supposedly have larger dimensions than the current model. So we can expect a much better interior space. On the design front, the new Palio will be heavily influenced by the current Punto.

2011 Fiat Palio

The one place where the Palio looks better than the Punto is the tail lamps. They start thin and then take an angular route to complete the rear design. The waist line is also as high as in the Punto.

The new Palio will come in 1L, 1.4L EVO, and 1.6 16V E.torQ engine. The sports version will have the option of a sunroof.

On the interior front, the instrument panel will resemble the Punto’s with four analog markers. First from the left side is the speedometer, the fuel gauge and temperature gauge is mounted in the middle and finally to the right is the tachometer. The instrument panel will be black with chrome rims and red pointers. The steering column will be two-tone gray the top in black and gray underneath.

It is very difficult to say whether the new Palio will make it to Indian roads. The reason being, it will also compete with the cousin Punto’s sales which are anyways under major jeopardy from the competition. We don’t think Fiat can price this one very aggressively.

If there is a place where the Palio can be positioned, it certainly is under the Punto. The Punto can become the premium hatchback from Fiat’s portfolio which can compete with the likes of i20 & Jazz. On the other hand, the new Palio will assume the roles and responsibilities of driving in volume sales. However, this suggestion is still a very long shot!

What do you think? Should Fiat revive the Palio brand in India?

Source – autossegredos.com.br

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7 thoughts on “2012 Fiat Palio almost revealed

  1. Vijayasarathy says:

    Waiting for the new Palio to be unleashed in India. Being a proud owner of a Fiat palio 1.2 sport, i would love to drive the latest one. The model is absolutely catching and it is a pleasure to drive this beauty

  2. Vinu says:

    yes palio should be revived..i think the car in pics is 90% similar to figo in styling.

  3. tushar patwardhan says:

    fiat palio fans in india waiting for new generation palio in 2011 or 2012

  4. Sunil Mohite says:

    Hi Guys,
    The new Palio looks stunning and extremely beautifull. We can say Punto has her sister :-).
    For your informations guys Palio is still available in India. I ahve booked it last week and that to with Good discount of about 1 lakh on ex-showroom price. But there are are some conditions..Its only one Palio Stile SDX 1.3 Multijet (Diesel) and only in white colour, with waiting period of 45-60 days. Its costing me 4.66 lacs on-road in Bangalore. So guys if are really interested for Palio just go for…..Its marvelous opportunity……

  5. S A SHAH says:

    Dear K Shinde,
    Thanks for bringing this news to Indian readers. Ofcourse, Fiat-India should not give it a second thought, Fiat-Palio should be revived in India with power under it’s hood. Fiat/Palio lovers are self-informed about the product, atleast I’ve no doubt about the build-quality and technology-sofistication of Fiat-products. I wish all Fiat cars like Panda4x4, Adventure, Strada, etc on Indian roads……., if it happens, it will be Fiat all arround, other auto-companies will face their tough days in India. But, unfortunately, Fiat-India is facing their tough-days despite having such an auto-gaint at the back.
    Fiat-India should venture independantly in their pursuits, at once launching their dealerships in all Indian cities, because Indian customers want secured after-sale services and easy spare availability.
    Hope, Fiat-India is listening and will not let Fiat/Palio-lovers being looked down upon..!
    S A SHAH,NIT,Srinagar-6,J&K,India

  6. MaN says:

    It’s the only way Fiat can establish it’s foothold in India. That’s how it can sell some good numbers. There is no doubt about Fiat’s committment to India, it has invested heavily to show it’s committment. Fiat has miserably failed to communicate that committment to common people. Indian customers are still confusedabout Fiat. Can Fiat make a self assessment where it has lost…which is resulting in dwindling sales having such a fantastic portfolio of products? It’s better to sell in volumes by pricing it attractively, making lesser margins ….. or ….. you sell nothing, pricing it higher, end up in losing market as well as yourself …. the option is open..!!
    At last please improve the quality of plastics and see that printing on them will not vanish as soon as you start using them.


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