Mahindra is working on introducing the Korando C in India by the end of 2011. The plan must be importing the RHD version of the vehicle from Korea in the knocked-down form and assembling the car either at Nashik or Pune. Following the Korando C, the bigger Rexton SUV will arrive.

The Korando C is powered by a 2.0-liter CRDI engine mated to a 6-speed manual transmission.

Mahindra Korando C

The Korando C will most likely sit above the Scorpio in India. We’re are not sure if this will be the most expensive Mahindra as the World SUV (Mahindra W201) is also slated for a 2011 launch.

Ssangyong Korando C Video

The Korando C is a 5-seater offering a generous 480 liter luggage space. It makes sense for Mahindra to sell the Korando C without Ssangyong badging as the brand is unknown to India. The trademark saw tooth grille, like SRK has illustrated, will make an appearance if this case prevails.

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