Rendering – BS4 compliant Chevrolet Tavera

Posted on: Jul 20, 2010 - 8:10am IST

BS4 Chevrolet Tavera

General Motors will revamp its sole MPV model for India, the Tavera, for a re-launch later this year. General Motors would source a sub 2-liter CRDI engine from Sonalika that will enable the Tavera to meet BS4 emission norms that are in effect across major cities in India.

The Tavera will get a 100bhp CRDI engine which should work wonders for the aging workhorse. General Motors could also give the BS4 Tavera a cosmetic overhaul to imply to the layman that there’s something new about it.

Sonalika’s diesel engine is expected to return close to 16-17km/l. General Motors has said that its future offerings will all have diesel engine options and the advantage of diesel fuel cannot be overlooked anymore.

We’ve tried to fuse the next generation Chevrolet front-end with the Tavera and the result isn’t too bad. General Motors should add alloy wheels, roof rails, body graphics, etc to the new Tavera to set it further apart from the taxi cab model, which we see all the time.

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4 thoughts on “Rendering – BS4 compliant Chevrolet Tavera

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  2. md .hussain ali says:

    GM chevrolet india pvt ltd offering tavera b1 model in such a good way that its engine and the body of tavera is very well designed so its confortable for the customer of rarer seaters and also to the driver who ever driving…tavera is far more better and bast then sonalika`s rhino and innova,scorpio,safari,sumo…..tavera is sum what mixes with toyota qualis but tavera has been going more stylist then qualis……..but it looks sumthing is missing in tavera though the car is simple and good engine and good looking……but still sumthing is missing ……..that missing part is that tavera`s internal features means giving air bags,three rows a/c system,sum good dvd player,glass holders…different lap inside the car,power steering,holding handels inside the car should be automatics folding means spring system,and sum more posh internal features……hope so this all features r their in tavera bs4….this is the main reason for which tavera`s sales are lagging bahind innova and scorpio……………..hope this will taken in account….soonly by general motors………


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