The Toyota Hilux you see here was spotted on the highway stretch between Kolkata and New Delhi. But, if you look closely at the images, the car has an Under Customs sticker on it, with a temporary West Bengal registration, ie – THIS IS NOT A TEST MULE.

Could this be one of the cars seized by the custom officials or was it being delivered to a customer in India?

If you can look beyond the number plate and the reason why it is present, you can feast your eyes on this behemoth of a pick-up truck dominating the a stretch of Indian road.

Toyota Hilux IndiaToyota Hilux IndiaToyota Hilux India

The Toyota Hilux pick-up is based on the IMV platform which underpins the Fortuner and Innova. The indestructible pick-up truck uses engines ranging from a small 2.0-liter petrol to a 4-liter V6. Toyota told us last year they don’t have intentions to launch the Hilux in India.

The Credit for these images goes to Tarun Kumar Tripathy.

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  • Coli

    I have relatives in the Philippines and they told me that Toyota Hilux is very good! it has an anti flood feature so when they experienced flood in their country the car is still running! they also said that it runs very fast, diesel-so it is efficient, etc. They even race the car, use it to carry heavy equipment and in their mountains.

  • Bharat

    This pick up is 1000 times better than Mahindra or Tata pick up. I m waiting for this pick up

  • Shoubhik

    This Toyota Hilux is a very very common car in Bhutan and can be seen in every nook and corner of Assam where i live. These cars are refurbished and supplied from China to the Bhutanese people. You can easily buy a Hilux in Bhutan and get it in India by paying customs!!!

    • yuteee

      The car here in the picture is not reconditioned,but it i new as i know it and as a user of such cars…. but
      it may be one of the cars that is to be delivered to Bhutan Embassy in New Delhi…… just for clarifications guys

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  • gurpreetsingh

    any body please tell me that when toyata is launching its pick up range in India

    • http://indianautosblog.com Shrawan Raja

      Toyota has no plans to introduce pickup trucks in India at the moment.

    • Avi

      i cant tell if they are lounching it or not but what i can tell is the pick up going in front of it is a nissan navara. as good as hilux may be better in few thing…

  • sivakumar

    please send me the price details

    • yuteee

      may be around RS 2.5 million

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  • Amit Sengupta

    I wonder where the exact location is – this could be a car being delivered to a customer in Bihar, Jharkhand or eastern UP. New and reconditined Japanese/ Korean vehicles are regularly driven up to Bhutan & Nepal from Kolkata port