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Nissan today called members of the media and briefed them on the V-Platform, the architecture that Nissan’s Micra will be based on. No photographs were allowed inside the screening room. The details discussed follows.

  • New generation Micra or March will come in three forms – hatchback, sedan, compact/mini MPV
  • V platform is a global platform. It is developed to serve customers in India and overseas
  • A 3 cylinder gasoline engine will be offered on the Micra
  • There was no details divulged on the diesel variant, but it is in the works
  • Both manual and automatic variants will be developed in both RHD and LHD combination
  • The V platform was developed in Japan starting 2005
  • Micra will be launched in Thailand first in March 2010
  • Micra India launch will happen in May 2010
  • In 2011, the sedan variant will be launched
  • In 2012, depending on the market study, the MPV will or will not be launched locally
  • The car will also be manufactured in Thailand and China
  • Weight of the car has been kept at minimum — small fuel tank, light weight body and plastics replace steel at various points
  • till the expected volumes are reached, Nissan will source powertrains from Japan
  • An assembly line for powertrains will be sanctioned only after certain level of volume is reached
  • 80% of the Micra will be localized to start with
  • Nissan claims their 3 cylinder petrol engine will be “40% more fuel efficient”
  • Renault has given vendor base to Nissan. Nissan has offered the V-platform to Renault, it can develop its models if desired.

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