Two Yamaha Motorcycles to roll out in India in 2009

Posted on: Oct 11, 2008 - 5:43pm IST

The R15 is the coolest motorcycle you can buy for roughly a lakh of rupees in India. Yamaha is overjoyed with the kind of response India has given them, and it looks like they are back, which means it’s nothing but good news for bikers in India.

The response of the R15 has sparked Yamaha to launch more bikes. The Japanese manufacturer announced a few days back that two more bikes from their line-up will see Indian soil in the next year. Details are unclear, but one of them is rumored to be a 125 cc bike. IAB predicts that it should be the YZF-R125, which is already being sold in abroad markets and looks as aggressive as elder brother R15.

YMI is also planning on introducing a range of scooters in India, including models like Jog, Tmax and Majesty (all in 150-250cc range) in India and will take a decision about its possible introduction in due course, some of them which were spotted in Pune.

To ensure proper and timely distribution, Yamaha will add 80 dealers to the existing total of 430. Publicity matters and hence Yamaha will conduct road shows and events in colleges across India. The dealerships, which were once selling the 100 cc bikes, after the introduction of R15 and the forthcoming performance bikes, will turn into ‘concept stores.’ YMI will invest nearly Rs.800 crore in the country to beef up its existing production capacity to 800,000 units in the next few years.

Currently, Yamaha’s product portfolio comprises MT01 (1,670cc), YZF-R1 (998cc), YZF-R15 (150cc), Gladiator Type SS & RS (125cc), Gladiator Graffiti (125cc), G5 (106cc), Alba (106cc) and Crux (106cc), FZ16 (150cc). The good times are back for Yamaha. Will Suzuki, the company similar to Yamaha a while ago in India with a profile comprising of 125 cc bikes join the race with mini-Hayabusas and GSXRs?

IAB Comment– Yamaha is adding variety to the crowded 150 cc and 125 cc category. Only a matter of time before we see 180 and 200 cc bikes with the Yamaha logo. And Yamaha, you are trying to freshen up the market with these clones and all. Why can’t you introduce like a 100 c.c. dirt bike? Dirt bikes haven’t made their debuted in India. Maybe they had to come only through brand Yamaha? Think about it.

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30 thoughts on “Two Yamaha Motorcycles to roll out in India in 2009

  1. hi this is yusoof from tamilnadu…..i m crazey about yamaha bikes.from the begining i used only yamaha bikes…at present i m using the newly launched eager to know which is the next bike going to launched by yamaha in india……..

  2. Rayomand says:

    the YZF R125 is launchd abroad an has t same specs as the R15, the R15 was made a lil less aggressive cuz if u see th R125 ul flip, R15 is made for indian roads an t giv a fairly good average. waiting for the R6.

  3. rahu says:

    hi, bro…

    Is there any answer for dirt bikes in India. Dirt bike are very common around the world, then why India is behind. Suzuki and Yamaha are big names in these bikes, besides Honda. Is there any chance to get dirt bikes in open market. Or can you suggest me a dealer in Pune or Mumbai, who sells dirt or motocross bike. please suggest.


  4. Salmaan ali says:

    hi dz salmaan frm aligarh………..ds z a nice article abt yamaha’s forthcoming bikes,i jus wanna ask wheather yamaha india motors r gonna launch a 200 cc bike ……if yes den when………….?

  5. Avinash says:

    Hi Guys..

    I have heard that Yamaha is launching Yamaha R125… is it true??

    and could you please tell me what the price will be and when will it lauched?

    Guys i am planning to buy bike in may2009.Please tell which bike i should go for or for upcomig bikes?

    My budget is Rs80,000.

  6. Jaz says:

    Thanks for that George. We weren’t aware of that. If you have any more information on the Endura, why not add it here?

  7. George says:

    Nice article. Just want to bring to ur attention that there was a dirt bike in the past..Bajaj endura. However it didnt see much of light as the market wasnt ready for it



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