Nano will not increase traffic congestion: Tata

Posted on: Jul 26, 2008 - 3:27pm IST

After making the world turn towards Tata, the Chairman of the company Mr. Ratan Tata, speaks about wrong perception about the Tata Nano. While addressing the share holders at the company’s annual meeting Mr. Tata said contrary to claims that the Tata Nano would result in traffic congestion and increased pollution, “the Nano will be 12 per cent less polluting than a two-wheeler.

As regards to congestion, one has to put the issue in perspective. Last year, India sold 1.2 million cars against eight million in China, while in India 7.3 million two-wheelers were sold last year. Of the total population in India, 14.5 million constitute cars and there are 80 million two-wheelers. Even at one million cars per year, over five years, we will not add more than 4-5 per cent of cars on the road. It would not be fair to blame congestion on the Nano.”

Mr. Tata said that besides launching new products, this year the company was looking at making an electric car and was competing for an Eco car in Thailand. The company had made an investment with a French company for work on a vehicle using compressed air as fuel.

The current year is going to be a very competitive and tough year due to the rising fuel price, increase in costs and inflation.Tata Motors Chairman Ratan Tata said here on Thursday. “It will be a difficult year and a daunting year but it is not necessary that it will be a bad year,” he said, addressing the shareholders at the company’s 63rd annual general meeting.

Tata Nano would be launched during the last quarter of this year, initially with a petrol engine and a diesel version would follow on very soon.

On the Jaguar-Land Rover (JLR) acquisition, Mr. Tata said there was tremendous engineering capability. Barring the current economic situation in the U.S. and Europe with high fuel prices, in the long term, they offered an interesting set of products.

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12 thoughts on “Nano will not increase traffic congestion: Tata

  1. ragav says:

    hmmm yeah.. but the improvement is clearly seen.. jus chk de new Tata sumo.. definitely there is a big leap in improvement in respect to quality.. so lookin at this there a definite green signal from the tata’s..

  2. notjustshrawan says:

    yes Mr.Ram, Tata has a long way to go..but the Nano has changed the way the world looks at India once in for all, don’t you think?

  3. harish says:

    also now that Fiat has joined TATA,they really need to improve,otherwise they put Fiat at risk as well…

  4. K.M.Ram says:

    Yeah I very well agree there’s lots o improvements,no doubt…But the Indian auto industry is undergoin drastic revolutions n the Tatas need to improve their customer service n the cabin interior areas to throw up a good competence!

  5. ragav says:

    The quality of the tata cars is improving dude.. if you get a sneek into the 2000’s Indica it was like a piece of shit.. the quality of the car was really bad.. and jus see how the car has improved over years.. Tata is making constant efforts to improve the Brand name TATA.. and by taking over JLR Tata has got a very big engineering support.. so very soon you will find a new image for the Tata cars..

  6. notjustshrawan says:

    Mr. Ram might be right, but then things have improved over the past few years..we now know that Fiat will be distributing the Nano all over the world, so Tata should have taken care of the reliability part..

  7. harish says:

    as far as ive experienced,not that bitter….many of my frens have tata’s and they are smug….but then i dont say its 100% perfect service…lots of room for improvement

  8. K.M.Ram says:

    I got very poor regards for the Tatas..In the name of low cost low margin offerings,all we get is a bundle of bitter surprises….These days the Tatas are well known for their poor service..And no wonder with regard to the Fiat Distributions!


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