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Suzuki drags Volkswagen to International Court

The final nail in the coffin has been hammered and the divorce is about to get mighty ugly. After putting a end to the relationship, Suzuki wanted VW to sell its 19.9% stake.However, VW refused to acknowledge Suzuki’s request. As a result, Suzuki

Volkswagen-Suzuki partnership not over yet

Since the VW- Suzuki partnership has been on the rocks for quite sometime, there were rumors about the possible break up between VW and Suzuki. However Reuters has confirmed that the partnership is still going strong and there are no plans of parting

Mystery of the Volkswagen-Suzuki alliance deepens

We have been monitoring the VW-Suzuki Alliance for ages now. In December 2009, one of the biggest car makers in the world - VW announced that they had bough a 19.9% of stake in the 9th largest car maker in world – Suzuki for a sum of 2.5 billion dollars.

Would Fiat have been the right partner for Suzuki?

When VW announced that it had acquired a 19.9% stake in Suzuki Motors, there was quite literary a stir in the market. Fresh after the Porsche buyout, everyone expected VW to take it slow. However, in its aim to become the number 1 automotive company in

Quote of the Day

Japan and Germany are discussing but no definite plan has come to us. By the end of this year or beginning of next year, there may be some announcement Maruti Suzuki's chief representative Shinzo Nakanishi briefs Indian media on the advancement of

Honda India says VW-Suzuki alliance a worry

Honda India has revealed that the VW-Suzuki partnership is a threat for the company as it pressurizes them to launch competitively priced cars while maintaining its brand value. Honda says that many such alliances are not good for them as these companies

Revealed – VW-Suzuki compact SUVs and cars

Volkswagen recently bought 19.9% stakes in Suzuki. The German carmaker made a very smart move by buying stakes in Suzuki could create opportunities for VW to jointly develop low cost car models, which is the Japanese marque's strength.Volkswagen