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VW Gran Santana rear three quarter at Auto Shanghai 2015

VW Gran Santana – Auto Shanghai Live

Will be listed on the market this year. The China-only VW Gran Santana station wagon has been unveiled at Auto Shanghai 2015. Going by Chinese media reports, the car will be listed on the market within the year. The wagon has the same wheelbase as the

Volkswagen Santana finally hits Chinese market

The Chinese market saw yet another Volkswagen product being introduced this month. Yes, we are talking about the Volkswagen Santana, the VW Vento’s Chinese cousin.

New Volkswagen Santana is the Vento’s other Chinese Cousin

Volkswagen is on a march for global domination by 2018. First part of the strategy is intense component sharing between different car models. The second part of the strategy is to develop cars for specific market needs. And the third part is to

Meet Volkswagen Santana, the Vento’s Chinese Cousin

We have already introduced you to the Volkswagen Vento’s Brazilian cousin – the VW Voyage. Now it is time to meet one more cousin, from the land of dragons. Volkswagen is bracing itself for the launch of the Volkswagen Santana in China.

The Volkswagen Santana is yet another Polo based sedan

Volkswagen has always been big on platform sharing. Most Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat and Audi models share their platforms to reduce cost. The Polo platform is a base for many variants like the CrossPolo, Polo GTI as well as models such as the Vento and Rapid