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VW Polo sedan – A grown up car for the grown up?

Like Polo Driver aptly puts it the Polo sedan (Vento) is marketed as a grown-up car for grown-ups in South Africa. The latest two 30-second TV adverts feature thirty-something males who have moved on from their wild, adventurous days. Voiceovers

Video – VW Vento (Polo sedan) unveiling in Russia

We discovered a video of the unveiling of the VW Polo sedan (Berlina, Vento) in Russia on You tube, which gives you a good idea about the vehicle's looks in the absence of studio lighting. The video is not very old considering the Vento was launched

Spied – VW Polo sedan (undisguised, no bluffing)

Vince Burlapp has posted images of an undisguised Polo sedan (VW Vento) inside what looks like a production line. The Polo sedan will reach VW showrooms in India within the next three to six months. The Polo sedan will get the twin slab chrome grille

Breaking – VW begins Polo sedan production in Chakan

Volkswagen has initiated trial production of the Polo sedan in Chakan. As per a report on Autocar India, the Polo sedan will be christened Vento and will be priced close to the Honda City. The Polo sedan will merely not be a Polo with a boot. It

VW reveals first official rendering of Polo sedan?

VW class B compact sedan definitely is the Polo sedan marked for India in H2 2010 Thanks to our friends in Caredge Russia, we're able to bring you the first official sketch released in Russia of a new VW sedan, which to us is simply a 'booted' VW Polo

Rendering – New VW Polo sedan

Secret New Cars have posted a rendering of the upcoming VW Polo sedan. Reports regarding the car claim it will be displayed at the Auto Expo in January 2010. The Polo sedan will be designed to offer comfort to the rear passengers with a softer

Spied – India bound VW Polo sedan

At the moment, we only know the Polo sedan will feature a longer wheelbase along with petrol and diesel variants. There's a high probability it will be displayed at the Auto Expo 2010 and will use a wind's name (typhoon, hurricane etc). Spyshots.nl

VW to launch Polo sedan in India during second half of 2010

The VW Polo sedan will follow the hatchback in India next year VW is gearing up to launch some exciting cars in India. On the sidelines of a new dealership inauguration in Mumbai, Volkswagen India has confirmed the introduction of the Polo hatchback

Rendering – Next generation VW Polo sedan

According to sources, the VW Polo sedan will be named after a wind (breeze, gale, storm, hurricane or typhoon). It will be manufactured at the company's newly installed facility at Pune, which has begun production of the Fabia, and in the future,

Rendering – 2010 VW Polo sedan

The VW Polo manufacturing at the Pune plant in 2010 is old news. A sedan based on the new Polo hatchback scheduled to be displayed at the Delhi Auto Expo next year is recent, while Roberto's rendering of the car is unknown to many. The VW Polo