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Tuning – New Vorsteiner Body Kit for BMW M3 E90 Sedan

Vorsteiner is a specialist when it comes to tuning German cars. Having tuned the BMW E92 M3 (coupe), and offering custom exhausts, the company has now come up with a new lightweight aero kit for the E90 BMW M3 (sedan).

Vorsteiner unveils custom exhaust for BMW M3 Coupe and Sedan

The BMW M3 can be bought in it's coupe form from any one of the many BMW dealerships across India. As a result, you walk in to the BMW Store, and walk out with the M3, drive back home, and find it's exhaust note irksome. Tough circumstances you would

BMW M3 tuned by Vorsteiner

The letter M maybe the most powerful alphabet, but a 3 accompanying it makes it more exciting without doubt. The M3 is all nuts already and we hear that Vorsteiner has gone a bit mad with even more mods. American tuner Vorsteiner wanted to modify the