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Volvo Engine Architecture production begins

Volvo commences the production of VEA powertrains

The Volvo Engine Architecture (VEA) is the name given to the Swedish automaker’s new family of highly efficient four cylinder petrol and diesel engines. The VEA which was developed in-house would eventually phase out Volvo’s current range

Officially licensed Volvo toys from Viking Toys

Volvo XC90, XC70 and C30 soft toys Volvo Car Corporation has ‘re-introduced’ their range of cars that have no carbon emissions, in fact, they consume no fuel! Before you get too excited, let’s explain that these are just soft plastic

Volvo India could sell 400-500 cars before year end

Wow! Volvo supposes it could sell 400-500 cars in India before the end of the fiscal, and we think it's completely doable. Until a few years ago, Volvo was seen as a brand which made cars for the middle-aged family man looking to drive his kids to