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First image of the Volkswagen Golf MK7 leaked

It is a very special day today because Volkswagen is all set to unveil the seventh generation Golf. However, thanks to the internet, we have the first glimpse of the next generation Golf. Autozeitung.de brings us the rear image of the Golf MK7.

All new Volkswagen Golf Interiors exposed!

Volkswagen is gearing up for perhaps the most important launch of the whole year. Paris will witness the unveiling of the seventh generation Volkswagen Golf (MK7). Autobild has presented with brochure scans of the Volkswagen’s Golf interior and

What Diesel Car of the Year Awards 2009- Winners

UK's popular monthly magazine What Diesel Car has announced its winners this year in the annual awards ceremony. The Ford Fiesta wins What Diesel Car of the Year 2009. The winner should not be confused with the Fiesta that's sold in India. This is a totally