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First 25 Tata Vista EVs hit the road

The first 25 Tata Vista EV have been handed over to the owners as part of the final car evaluation before the UK launch. These specific owners will provide feedback to Tata Motors on a regular basis for a year. These cars are part-funded by the Coventry

Tata readies Indica Vista EV to take on the Leaf

Pretty soon, one more name will be added to the club of “Green Cars”, our very own Indica Vista. Mind you this is a very exclusive club consisting of G-Wiz, Chevy Volt, Tesla roadster, Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi’s i MIEV.Tata showcased the

Tata Indica Vista EV SKD kits to be exported to Norway

The Tata Indica Vista EV (Electric Vehicle) did not get the required support from the British government for a local assembly line, eventually forcing Tata to look elsewhere for the required sum. But in Norway, things have looked brighter and the