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Tata Nano and Aria spied in the UK

A reader of Car Magazine UK spied the Tata Aria and Nano that have apparently come in for testing in the UK. Both of these cars are not present in the UK market and that intrigued the passerby to snap a couple of images in the parking lot of the Tata

Man buys Nano in Punjab and drives it back to England!

The Tata Nano has kicked up reverberations that traveled around the planet. Hardly a few languages have not described the Nano, which suits almost every type of landscape with its frugal engine, voluminous cabin and cheerful looks.One man in Britain

First UK built Honda Jazz rolls out of Swindon

The U.K version shown here has alloy wheels and fog lampsBuoyed by the success of the hatchback in Britain, Honda has started producing Jazz in Swindon, UK. This means, there is no more 'Made in Japan' Honda Jazz for UK and European customers.Till

Skoda Yeti crossover variants and prices in U.K

The much awaited Skoda Yeti will soon be out in the open (17th September) in the U.K. The adventurous-looking Yeti's pricing starts at £13,750 (basic model). Six airbags and air conditioning is standard throughout the range. The Yeti will be sold in

Suzuki’s new Alloy wheels for Swift in the U.K

Suzuki has come out with a new set of alloys for Swift owners in Great Britain.Designed specifically for the Swift, the alloy wheel and tyre packages available in three variations; 16-inch “Bremen”, 17-inch “Frankfurt” and 17-inch “Leipzig”.The

IAB Special- The Great Debate: FWD or RWD. Which is better?

Last month, GM’s product “Czar” and vice-chairman of global product development Bob Lutz announced that GM is cancelling development of the next generation Zeta large RWD car platform, citing difficult economic and environmental concerns as the

2009 Skoda Superb GreenLine Launched in the U.K

The 2009 Skoda Superb Greenline has been launched in the U.K, and due to its low C02 emissions, you would have to pay lesser tax to drive it compared to the normal version (that's how the system in the U.K works). The Superb Greenline has better aerodynamics

Suzuki introduces 1.0-liter Splash Variant in U.K

Suzuki has introduced the Splash hatchback in the U.K with a 1.0-liter engine. Smaller engines emit fewer emissions, which is exactly the same intention behind this variant from Suzuki.The engine produces 68 bhp and just 120 g/km CO2 emissions enabling

World’s lowest VW bus

If there was a limbo competition for cars there is now no question on who the winner would be. How low can the Vancake go? Try this out for size. This mini-Volkswagen bus is only 3-feet and 1-inch tall. Meaning for the average 6 foot man, this automobile

Skoda Fabia Blueline- Only 500 numbers and only in U.K.

The Skoda Fabia proved that India receives premium hatches and people are willing to pay. The diesel engine worked well and the petrols that followed were received well by the Indian market. In the U.K, Skoda has released the Fabia BlueLine which comes

Fiat 500 triumphs at evecars.com Car of the Year Awards 2008

The Fiat 500 can’t stop winning awards and we can’t stop praising the little city car which has just been released here in India. The Fiat 500 has won all sorts of awards through the years including the prestigious International Car of the