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Day 3 – Toyota Corolla Altis Driving Performance

Having touched upon the exteriors and the interiors, we finally place the spotlight on the driving performance of the Corolla Altis petrol AT. On the face of it, the changes to the design and interiors are not groundbreaking. But let me tell you that

Day 2 – Toyota Corolla Altis Interiors

The exterior design was plain and simple. But what about the interiors? Being the best selling nameplate, the Corolla definitely has to please owners. After all, most of your time will be spent inside the car. So has the facelift revitalized interiors?

First Impressions – Toyota Corolla Altis

Ever wondered how difficult it is to carry the badge of ‘The Best Selling Nameplate in the World’ on your shoulders? Or how about selling one every 40 seconds? Yes, these are a few accolades that Toyota's Corolla achieved in its 44 years of existence.