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Tata Aria’s exciting new 4×2 commercial [video]

In early August, Tata Motors introduced a bang for the buck 4×2 variant of the Aria Crossover which its hopes raise its game in the UV playground. Tata's poor showing with the 4x4 model were blamed on many reasons like confused identity and high price. The

Report – Tata Motors launch Aria 4X2 in New Delhi

By Arjun Singh Rajput Tata Motors launched its 4X2 version of the Aria here in Delhi today morning. We all know that the Aria 4X4 did not stand up to the reputation of being the premium crossover. Sales figures were very sluggish due to the thought

Spied – Tata Aria 4×2 Pleasure

Facebook group Auto Adrenaline is carrying images of the Tata Aria 4x2 Pride since yesterday. The image shows the entry point in the Aria range without the 4x4 badge. IAB has already informed readers that the 4X2 will not have any severe de-contenting.

Buzz-creating Tata Aria 4×2 is no cost-down variant

Ever since the first spy shots of the Tata Aria made its appearance online, people have drawn comparisons between this crossover and the Innova. It is inevitable as the silhouette of this model (from the spy shots) was close to an Innova. Tata missed

Is Tata Motors testing a stripped down Aria?

Recently, we brought you an editorial on how incorrect position is hurting the Aria’s sales numbers. IAB has always maintained that the Aria will only be able to do well if the pricing was reduced by 3 lakh rupees. Now it seems that Tata Motors have