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Yet another Tata Motors product spotted in a Hollywood movie

Our reader Dev Dathan excitedly emailed screen grabs from the movie Ghost Rider 2 Spirit of Vengeance (2011) asking us to take a look. On a casual glance its just another good-guy-chasing-bad-guy sequence involving a rule-flouting Ghost rider, wearing

Spied – Is this the next generation Tata 207?

The Tata 407 has successfully completed 25 years in service and its younger sister 207 is giving the Bolero pickups the run for their money. Having launched the Bolero facelift with a new low cost CRDI engine, Mahindra could be mulling a similar operation

Separated at Birth – 207 and F150

Left - A done-up Tata 207 pickup truck sporting a 2,000cc, 4-cylinder in-line diesel engine that manages 90bhp of power. The vehicle has evolved and is sold with a bigger, torquey engine in the current generation. Right - A stock Ford F150 Raptor