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Statistic of the Week – 10 million

Ten Million -The number of cars fitted with start-stop systems in the world by 2015, according to the Yano Research Institute in Japan. In 2009, only 900,000 cars were fitted with this fuel saving technology.Start-stop system shouldn't be confused

Start/Stop system on Hyundai i10 in August 2010

A start/stop system will be added to the Hyundai i10 in August 2010 reports Auto telegraaf. The Hyundai i30 is first in the Hyundai line-up to receive the start-stop motor which slips the engine into stand-by mode when idling prolongs.Hyundai claims

Fiat attaches Start-Stop device to the 1.2-liter petrol 500

Fuel efficiency is the cornerstone of any small car sold anywhere today. Perhaps the most significant achievement in that sense is the Start-Stop technology, which pushes the engine into stand-by at traffic lights, reducing not only fuel usage but harmful