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Chevrolet Aveo gets new jewels in the U.K

GM has launched a new styling package for the Chevrolet Aveo in the UK. This pack is applicable only for the 3-door model, but as we have seen in the past, only a matter of time before the 5-door gets the same creaming. The styling pack consists

Special edition Yamaha FZ16 and Fazer hit showroom floors

After the introduction of new colors on the Yamaha R15, special editions of the Yamaha FZ16 and Fazer with radically different paint schemes have reached showroom floors in some parts of the country. The idea behind such special editions is to cash

Toyota Fortuner Epic does the trick in South Africa

Toyota Fortuner limited edition named ‘Epic' was introduced in South Africa last month. The aesthetically different vehicle, has caught the SUV buyer's attention for the bouquet of features it has in store. The same could happen after the vehicle is

New E-Class from Mercedes in India this year

The new Mercedes Benz E-Class will arrive in India this year, sources tell us. The new E-Class is waiting to be released, but not until Mercedes has finished selling the remaining stock of the present E-Class which is now out as a special edition.

Limited Edition Suzuki Grand Vitara launched in Germany

A limited edition Suzuki Grand Vitara has been launched in Germany with a set of non-mechanical upgrades. Prices for the manual gearbox is 29,900 euro, 1,300 euro extra for the automatic version.

Special Edition Chevrolet Captiva Ikon launched in U.K

GM has introduced it's Chevrolet Captiva Special Edition in United Kingdom, now becomes an even more desirable car. The reasons for this Special edition isn't known, but one might assume it has got to do a lot with the state of the global economy which