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Day 3 – Skoda Rapid Driving Impressions

Has the Vento’s DNA trickled into the soul of the Rapid? How is the Skoda Rapid to drive? After the Initial Impressions and Interior pictorial, let’s find out if its all face and no trousers! What powers the Skoda Rapid? The Rapid is powered

Day 2 – Skoda Rapid Interiors

After reading the exterior review, I am sure you are eager to find out what’s in store inside the Rapid. Skoda India did not do enough justice to the interiors of the new Fabia. Have they done the same mistake with the Rapid? Is the interior also heavily

First Impressions: Skoda Rapid

When Skoda first started its operation in India, it was perceived as a premium brand with expensive offerings, the most popular one being the Octavia. Soon the lucrative growth of the market attracted the parent VW to set up shop in India. As soon