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Recall list grows- Suzuki, Nissan and Daihatsu

Suzuki Every - Air con problems could cause fire Barely few days after IAB remarked that more recalls are expected (Read - Now Hyundai recall the Sonata in US and Korea), the industry appears to be proving us right. If you look at the faults that

Now Hyundai recall the Sonata in US and Korea

YF Sonata - recalled in US and Korea If there is one word, we are getting used to lately, it is "Recall". Hyundai is the latest. Yesterday, Hyundai have recalled 47300 Sonata's in Korea and US. No problems in India as the model recalled is not sold

A-Star recalled to arrest fuel leakage problem

Suzuki A-Star - fuel system forces recall Joining the recall wagon is our own Maruti Suzuki and the problem is with the A-Star manufactured in India. IAB earlier carried a post in December 09 of the same problem in Netherlands (Suzuki A-Star facing lethal

BMW recalls 2010 X5 and X6 in US

BMW X6 - 2010 models recalled in US It appears that Toyota and Honda are not alone in the recall game. Joining the bandwagon is the premium car maker BMW. The company has intimated the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in US of a