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Fiat 500 tuned by Rieger

Here comes another 500, you can say say we are in love with the mighty mouse. This Fiat 500 is not an ordinary car by any means, which is made stronger by Reiger automotive tuners from Germany who have treated the Fiat 500 to exterior upgrades.

Mercedes Benz SLK 55 AMG by Vath

Vath, the popular tuners who earlier tuned the Mercedes C200 Kompressor, have laid their hands on a car that is already insane to start with. Firstly, its a Mercedes SLK 55 which is already hugely powerful and for that extra bit of power, its an AMG supercharged

Skoda Unveils Octavia RS+ Concept at Essen Motor Show

Skoda's recent makeover and facelift treatment for its range now extends to the Skoda Octavia RS (Skoda Laura in India). At the Essen Motor Show in Germany, Skoda presented a concept version of its flagship Octavia RS model, the Studie RS+(study). The

2008 Skoda Fabia Sport- Will it find its way to India?

The Skoda Fabia Sport was launched in the European market this year. We are quite sure, Skoda will bring it here to India next year – Here are the reasons why. Firstly, Skoda is doing quick sales of its Fabia, and has built a stable foundation for