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Nissan Pixo

UK – India-made Nissan Pixo (A-Star) discontinued

The Nissan Pixo (what we refer to as the Maruti A-Star) has been discontinued in the UK. The car has also been removed from Nissan’s UK website. The company says that existing orders will be realized, however, new orders will not be taken. The Pixo

Nissan will continue sourcing Pixo from Suzuki

After Volkswagen bought out a 20% stake in Suzuki everyone in the Industry was of the opinion that that the Suzuki-Nissan deal for the small car Pixo will fall apart. The Nissan Pixo is a rebadged Suzuki A-Star that is built by Suzuki in India for Nissan.

Nissan to source more Pixos from Maruti

Nissan has indicated that it will be sourcing 35,000 more Pixo (rebadged, slightly different A-Star) cars from Maruti Suzuki for sale in European markets. The initial agreement between Nissan and Maruti Suzuki was for the supply of 50,000 Pixos to Nissan

Almost one million Maruti Suzuki Altos sold in India

One million, and counting India’s well known car maker Maruti Suzuki is moving very close to 1 MILLION sales mark of its best seller – The Maruti Suzuki Alto. Shortly after its launch 8 years ago, the Maruti Suzuki Alto kicked off its own