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So how does the Nissan Micra add up?

The Micra's doors close with a reassuring thud so once you're inside the car, you get a sense of being in the lap of safety. The top-end Micra (that costs a little over 6 lakh rupees in Chennai) comes with keyless entry. As long as you have the key

Nissan Micra Review – Interiors & Equipment

The interiors of the Nissan Micra carries over the exterior styling traits. The Micra’s cabin isn’t radically different nor is it sporty looking, what really stands out in the Micra is the simplicity. There isn’t an element which would invite

Nissan Micra Review – Exteriors & Styling

The styling of the last generation Nissan Micra can best be described as 'girly'. There is no offense in a car looking feminist, but when a manufacturer is aiming to sell the car in 160 markets worldwide, it can't offer a car that only the fairer sex