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Is this the 2012 BMW 3 Series?

By Kaustubh Shinde The bread winner for BMW – the 3 Series is all set for an upgrade in the next year. Codenamed the F30 (BMW is officially out of ‘EXX’ project codes), this car will make its formal debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. BMW has

2011 BMW 3 Series will be better than ever before

BMW's new 3 Series will be reinvented for the new age of environmentally friendly cars. The car is set to make its debut at the Paris Motor Show in 2011 and by 2016, it will undergo a mid-life refreshment. We've already shown you spy shots of the next

Renderings- 2012 BMW 3-Series

[singlepic=118,320,240,,] The computer generated images of the next generation BMW 3-Series(above), made its debut appearance in the German AUTO ZEITUNG magazine. Chris Bangle’s creations certainly have a good road presence, and this rendering is