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Report – New Audi A6 launched in India

By Arjun Singh RajputAudi India, the really hungry German car manufacturer, today announced the entry of the 7th generation A6 here in New Delhi. The car’s features, variants and powertrain choices have already been discussed in two separate posts

New Audi A6 in India – Complete Images and Information

Audi has presented a 36 page document consisting of every possible detail on the new Audi A6. It will take us all night to absorb the information and present it in an article, so we chose to publish the document for you to select what you want to read.Audi

New Audi A6 spotted testing near Mahim

IAB readers will be aware of Audi India' plan to introduce the A6 saloon in August followed by the Q3 junior crossover early next year. Also planned are variants of existing cars later this year, but let's set that aside for another day.The new A6

Audi India plans A7 in Q3; new A6 in Q4

Audi India plans two important launches in 2011 having already placed the R8 V10 and A8L on the market. The Audi A7, which we spied testing at Mahim in Mumbai, will be launched during the third quarter of the calender year, while the all-new A6 drives