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Report – New Audi A6 launched in India

By Arjun Singh Rajput Audi India, the really hungry German car manufacturer, today announced the entry of the 7th generation A6 here in New Delhi. The car’s features, variants and powertrain choices have already been discussed in two separate posts

New Audi A6 in India – Complete Images and Information

Audi has presented a 36 page document consisting of every possible detail on the new Audi A6. It will take us all night to absorb the information and present it in an article, so we chose to publish the document for you to select what you want to read. Audi

Audi India launches new A6 on August 3; Teaser site up

Long-overdue? Matters less as curtains fall on the new generation Audi A6 on the 3rd of August in Gurgaon. Audi will put this vehicle on the market for customers at present enticed by the Jaguar XF, BMW 5 Series or the Mercedes Benz E-Class. Audi stopped

The 2012 Audi A6: Game on!

After continuously teasing the fans with teasers, Audi conveniently decided to release the images and video footage of the new A6 while we were far away from our computers. And OMG! What a LOOKER! We have always loved the A4 over its rivals

New Audi A6: Now that’s a WRAP!

Mercedes brought the new E Class; BMW refreshed its 5 series; Jag got the XF. Any guesses what’s missing from the party? Yep the A6! The old A6 was really not a seller simply because it was too bland. Both the German rivals were outselling it