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Spied – Are you the Tata Nano diesel?

With speculations rife about a Diesel Nano that will give 40kmpl, the Tata Motors team certainly have their work cut out for them. Now our friends at Motorbeam have spotted this miracle machine being tested at old Mumbai-Pune highway in full swing. There

Tata working on 40kmpl diesel Nano?

The dream child of Ratan Tata, envisioned to shift masses away from bikes and upgrade to cars, hasn’t yet ‘clicked’ the way all of us expected. People are still buying bikes and they are buying them in plenty. Obviously, the Tatas aren’t giving

Tata to introduce Nano diesel by September 2011

According to Times Of India’s report, Tata Motors will roll out the Tata Nano diesel by September 2011. The engine is expected to displace 600-700cc. It will be a compact 2-cylinder engine with a turbocharger and common rail system. The turbocharger