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Official: Mitsubishi Evo lives on as diesel hybrid

Earlier this year we brought you the news that due to environmental concerns, Mitsubishi has decided to put a bullet in the Evolution franchise. Later, the CEO of Mitsubishi explained that his press statement was misinterpreted and no decision has been

Hang On – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution not dead yet

Recently news flurried from the Geneva that Mitsubishi will axe the EVO franchise on environmental concerns. But now Mitsubishi Motor Corporation (MMC) has sent an explanation email giving further details of their statement. Mitsubishi Motor Corporation

Say goodbye to the Mitsubishi Evolution

When Mitsubishi Evo was released in India at the Autocar Performance Show, we thought this is just beginning of all the good things to come. Sure, it was over-priced at around 50 lakh but it symbolized a much awaited shakedown in Mitsubishi’s India