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Test Drive – Mercedes E280 CDI Part 3/3

In the last part we discuss on its engine, gearbox, ride among the other things. We also list out the things that the new E-Class hopefully leaves behind. If you have not read the earlier parts, you can here - Part 1, Part 2

Test Drive – Mercedes E280 CDI Part 2/3

Note- We decided to make this a 3 part review since we can't stop going on and on with this car. If you have missed the first part, you can catch up with it here When we finished admiring the exteriors, we jumped inside only to be greeted by

Test Drive – Mercedes E280 CDI Part 1/2

The more important regions of the world in Mercedes' view have already received the new E-Class. India is yet to register it and we are informed it will arrive here in the next few months. But before she bids farewell to us, we craved to have her