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Rumors: Suzuki, Mazda looking to tie up with Fiat

An event that should have happened a long time back is finally complete. Fiat India has separated from Tata Motors for their solo journey in India. But speculations are rife that Fiat ended the deal because it wanted to take the relationship with Suzuki

Mazda plans to enter India – But who are they?

Japan's fifth largest automobile company Mazda Motor Corporation could enter India as a fully owned subsidiary, Telegraph writes. Mazda has officially confirmed its interest in India and rumors are afoot on Ford Fiesta-based Mazda 2 hatchback playing

20th August in Automotive History

August 20th 1946 World War II civilian truck confinements were taken off in the U.S. Truck restrictions were only the beginning of special regulations during the war. Civilian auto production more or less stopped after the assault on Pearl Harbor as the