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Maruti SX4 diesel bookings sail past 5,000

Its been less than a month since the Maruti Suzuki diesel was announced and prior to the launch questions were raised on how the SX4 could compete with powerful offerings that will occupy this segment in the next few months. But things have turned out

Maruti Suzuki SX4 Diesel Advertisements

Many cars in the B and C segment in India are being strapped with diesel engines and the latest to enroll is the Maruti Suzuki SX4. Customers have come to realize the long term benefits of owning a diesel car given the vast difference in petrol and diesel

Maruti lines up SX4 diesel for February 17/18 unveil

This is an IAB exclusive! Sources close to Maruti Suzuki tell Indian Autos Blog that the company is planning back to back launches in February. The first launch will be Kizashi, which arrives on February 2, and second is the SX4 Diesel scheduled on the

Maruti SX4 diesel with 1.3 VGT here next month

As we reported time and again, Maruti Suzuki will indeed launch the SX4 diesel in India next month. The crossover variant of the SX4 in Europe is presented with a 1.9-liter Fiat sourced diesel engine, but what India gets is the tried and tested 1.3-liter

Maruti Suzuki SX4 diesel drives in during February?

By the look of things, February 2011 is shaping out to be quite of month for car lovers. On one side you have Volvo bringing in the S60 and then you have Maruti Suzuki getting Kizashi in to the Indian market. And now, news just in that Maruti Suzuki is