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Maruti Suzuki’s sales decline after 2 years

The ‘Big Car Churning’ machine has finally hit the brakes. Maruti Suzuki, after 2 years of dominating growth, has experienced a decline in sales because of labor strike that hit the company in June. Maruti last showed a drop in sales in December 2008. The

Repeat customers driving sales of Maruti Suzuki

Earlier there was a saying, ‘If you are buying your first car, better buy a Maruti’. This was the primary reason why Maruti’s legendary entry level hatches (800 and Alto) have always dominated the sales come what may. With the Indian automotive

Maruti Suzuki sells one lakh cars per month

The largest auto manufacturer in India – Maruti Suzuki India which was also the first manufacturer to sell a Million cars in a year managed to achieve the same growth in just 10 month! This means Maruti sold one lakh cars every month from April-December.

Maruti Suzuki October Sales Report

Maruti Suzuki Sales New Delhi, November 1, 2008 Car market leader Maruti Suzuki India Limited sold 64,490 vehicles in the in October 2008. This includes 5,363 units of exports. The company had sold 69,415 vehicles in the domestic market in October 2007.