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Mahindra Genio – Images and new information

Mahindra Genio was launched today and will be available pan India in February. More data has been shared on this new 1.25 tonne capacity pickup truck that sits on the Xylo platform. The Mahindra Genio, unlike flat and boxy trucks, has an aerodynamic body,

Spied – Mahindra Xylo SC pickup

Mahindra is on the verge of putting the Xylo derived pickup trucks on sale. The Xylo pickup will be sold in single and dual cab configurations. Indian Autos Blog has brought you three other sets of spy shots of the Xylo pickups in 2010. Caught testing

Mahindra Xylo single-cab pickup spied again

Our in-house photo manipulator took a short break from seeing how the future will pan out by heading to Gujarat and enjoying what the present has to give. On his way, he spotted this single-cab Mahindra Xylo pickup which we are told is ready to hit

Mahindra Xylo pickup to be positioned as a lifestyle product

The loading area will be spruced up for it to sell as a lifestyle product Contrary to the belief among car enthusiasts who have seen spyshots of the new Xylo based pickup truck, Mahindra will bring out the Xylo pickup truck as a lifestyle product. After

Exclusive- Mahindra Xylo Pickup drawing by Shoeb Kalania

Shoeb Kalania, who has the regular habit of reading Indian Autos Blog, sent us a rendering of the Xylo pickup truck after he read about it on our blog. Shoeb runs SRK designs, a studio that focuses on automobiles that are months, sometimes years from