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Test Drive – Mahindra Xylo E6 Part 2/2

Every A.C vent has individual open/close provision, which is a very novel idea. Climate control could have made more people happy, but the abundance of vents all around the cabin keeps you as cool as the car itself. The centre of the dashboard

Test Drive – Mahindra Xylo E6 Part 1/2

When I had gone to pick up the Mahindra Xylo from the parking lot, I wasn't that excited, had not seen the Xylo in depth like Shrawan did during the launch, all I got were glimpses of it on the Mumbai roads. I expected the Xylo to be another Mahindra

Test Drive – First impressions of the Mahindra Xylo E6

OK, so what do we have here? This doesn't seem like a Mahindra from any angle. Preceding to the launch, If its badges were pulled off, nobody other than any of the Mahindra engineers would have recognized it. I can debate on its looks in five