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LHD Mahindra XUV500 spotted near San Marino, Italy

Italian automotive website AlVolante has posted a reader spyshot of a LHD Mahindra XUV500 spotted on a highway that leads to San Marino. For the first time, the LHD version has been photographed testing. As its name prompts, the Global SUV is heading

Mahindra’s XUV500 interiors make us go WOW!

Today, some really awesome developments have come to our table. Out of the blue, some interesting spyshots of the XUV500 have surfaced on the internet. You might say “What so interesting about that? There are so many available on the internet, one can

Mahindra’s Global SUV christened XUV500

Mahindra has just notified IndianAutosBlog.com that the upcoming Global SUV (codename - W201) will be christened Mahindra XUV500 (pronounced as XUV ‘5 double Oh’). We're not sure why, but the "X" connotes Generation X, at which the SUV is targeted.

Mahindra W201 – Testing goes on, and on, and on..

The test schedule for the Mahindra W201 is like the universe - there's no end to it. At least 2/3 Indian road users have seen one in the last two years. Two IndianAutosBlog.com readers have sent in snaps of the Mahindra W201 test mule from Tamil

Anand Mahindra holds W201 contest on Twitter

If the W201 was a man, he'd have his statue in Madame Tussauds. It's not only auto enthusiasts but the buzz word among the general public is the Mahindra W201 and there's no one who understands this better than Mr Mahindra himself. Bogged by so many

Spied – Mahindra W201 caught totally undisguised

On the official Car and Bike Show Facebook page, an undisguised image of a white Mahindra SUV has been posted by Suraj Navle. On close inspection, we believe it is the W201 which we've been talking about on a daily basis. The black bits sticking

Mahindra W201 spied up close [video]

Our reader George Davis filmed the Mahindra W201 parked on the ground floor of an apartment complex. Expected in India during end October, production-ready cars have been spotted doing last minute rounds of testing all over India. Mahindra is preparing

Spied – Mahindra W201’s ginormous wheel arch

Let's go to the crux of the matter. Spied for the 2,000th times, the Mahindra W201 shows a design feature exclusive to this SUV. Look at the supplementary (or faux) rear wheel arch above the actual one. The pronounced curve brushes the glass area and

Spied – Are those daytime LEDs on the Mahindra W201?

Posted on the unofficial Mahindra W201 Facebook fan page, we're seeing something for the first time. The W201 has what seems like daytime running LED lamps on the headlamp cluster. The W201 is expected during the festive season for about 15-17 lakh rupees

Mahindra W201 primarily a FWD vehicle?

A report on the Mahindra group on Forbes magazine reveals that the W201 SUV, developed entirely at Mahindra' Research Valley in South India, will be their first stab at Front-wheel drive. The report does not rule out a 4WD variant at some later date.

Mahindra W201 launch pending in August?

IndianCarsBikes is reporting that Mahindra could launch the W201 (Global SUV) during mid-August. The W201 has been tested in almost every part of India. It is a common sight for Indian citizens today as the camouflaged mule, often driven to its limit,